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Empowering Brands with Data-Driven Advertising & attention-winning solutions that resonate and effectively engage audiences no matter what your marketing objective may be: engagement rates, lift in brand metrics or in-store traffic.


Decide where your message will be delivered. With access to over 90% of mobile inventory, you choose which websites, apps, and games to deliver dynamic, video and rich-media ads to.


Greater impact comes from greater control. Ensure accuracy by building the perfect audience using our proprietary 1st-party data, or supplement with outside sources.


Get access to what you pay for. We show you exactly where your ads are displayed and how they perform. No more hidden inventory sources, no more paying for ads humans will never see.

In-Image Advertising

Image-based advertising has the potential to drive higher KPIs, including click-through-rates which are consistently over one percent and a measurable increase in brand metrics such as awareness, favorability and purchase intent.

Banner Ads

MediaPal offers a wide range of banners ads but has maximized interstitial ads as majority of traffic comes from the mobile phone users hence the platform slots in more ads in between articles for a higher reach to existing and potential customers.

Video Ads

MediaPal InArticle Videos are always relevant and viewable, offering a great user experience. Users discover our contextual ads within relevant and safe, quality editorial. Video Ads greatly improves the brand recall among customers.

Sponsored Ads

Native Sponsored Ads are advertisements which blend in well with the content such that they feel part of the content. The have higher CTRs and higher engagement rates than normal banner ads thereby improving campaign success.

Social Media Campaigns

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram enable your business to reach a wide audience of potential customers, to express your brand voice and generate brand awareness.

Sponsored Content

The key to grabbing the attention of today’s consumer and driving real engagement is through content.We will work with you to generate a plan to produce and nurture compelling content.

MediaPal DMP

Our Data Management Platform gives advertisers the ability to develop accurate consumer insights quickly and effectively through our integrated DMP. This is critical for targeted campaigns.

MediaPal DSP

Our Demand-Side Platform (DSP) allows you to manage multiple ad accounts through one interface, manage your campaigns and the data that you are layering on to target your audiences.


Deliver your brand's message to relevant and engaged audiences through native placements on thousands of premium publishers.

Traffic you can Trust

We have many filters in place to ensure no bot traffic will see your ads.

Control your Ad Timing

Want to drive in store walk-ins btn 12 and 2pm? Run your campaigns at this specified time to achieve that and more.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Develop accurate consumer insights quickly and effectively thourgh our integrated DMP.

Realtime Reporting

Track your campaign performance with our centralized Dashboard.

Campaign Targeting

Target your campaigns by Country, Time of Day, Operating System, Browser, Site/App and device type.

Hand Picked Publishers

Select Publishers relevant to your campaign. Segment your spend and increase the ROI.

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There are plenty of mobile ad formats. Here there is a visual guide to the different kinds of mobile ads.

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We allow you to politely integrate Ads with the relevant content and show these to the relevant audiences. This will result in:

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Of running your own ad serving software on your website.

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With our ad solution, you will no longer have under-performing or static ads on your web pages. We give you more control over your ads. You can just sign in and manage your advertising inventory through our online admanager from anywhere, at any time. All changes become effective immediately. Simple and effective!

MediaPal is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. You do not need to deal with server deployment, software installation, testing, debugging, security patches, weekly upgrades, or all other operational tasks. You simply access our platform from any standard web browser.

You can quickly set up your account, ad placements, ad inventory and begin serving ads in the under 5 minutes.

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